Lean Production Launch

Lean Production started from Toyota, and has become the best production organization method in current industry. In the face of overcapacity and fierce competition in the global industrial manufacturing sector, cost reduction inevitably comes first for an enterprise to survive. The essence of Lean Production is to lower costs, improve quality and shorten lead time.
To let Jinlian step onto a new stage on production and management, we planned to introduce advanced Lean Production management, through guide and help of professional consultant. After thorough research and demonstration: Shenzhen Maple Efficiency Co., Ltd has owned the excellent consultant team with deep rationale and practical experience, therefore it’s appointed Jinlian’s consultant.
On 5th July 2016, Jinlian Lean Production Launch was held in Production Department. More than 30 participants attended the meeting, including Jinlian top management, Maple Consultant and all relevant teams concerned with Lean Production.
During the meeting, chief supervisor Factory Manager Mr. Pan announced: 1.Jinlian Lean Production Project’s Establishment Notification, Responsibilities and Member Structural Lists, etc. 2.Pep talk by Factory Manger Mr. Pan, Staff Representative Mrs. Qunzhen Zhou, Maple General Manager Mr. DongliangJia and Jinlian General Manager Mrs. Shuzhen Du. 3. After Appointments to Leaders of Assembling Efficiency Team, Injection &Materials Efficiency Team, Molding Efficiency Team, Production Planning &Storage Team, TPM Team and Quality Control Team, all members sworn the oath and signed the written decision, representing the official launch of Jinlian Lean Production Project.
We have confidence that under guidance of Maple Consultant, leadership of Jinlian Elite Team, and great efforts of all members, the Lean Production Project will succeed in Jinlian and have rapid development in the future.