In July 2019, Jinlian Company was included in the first batch of list

In order to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights such as trademarks and patents of enterprises and create a good business environment, in 2019, Shunde District promoted the establishment of catalogue database of "key enterprises" for intellectual property protection. Enterprises that have an important role in promoting and contributing to local economic development will be included in the catalogue database, and in combating intellectual property infringement, counterfeiting and coping, trademark scrambling and unfair competition, enterprises will be provided with stronger protection. As the leading enterprise of high-tech and subdivision industries in Shunde District, Jinlian has been included in the first batch of "Key Enterprises" list of intellectual property protection. With the help of the government, Jinlian will continuously improve its intellectual property management systematically, enhance the market competitiveness of independent brands, so as to strengthen the fame and influence in the domestic and foreign markets, and to build up a much more strong and powerful enterprise.